Harvest Spirit Fest Sunday, November 9, 2014 11:30 AM – 6 PM with doors open at 11 AM Metamorphosis Center 300 Cedar Hill Drive McMurray, PA 15317

My friend Heather Lorah is having a Harvest Spirit Fest at Metamorphosis in McMurray on Sunday, November 9th. (It’s also Heather’s birthday!) If you attended the Summer Fest, you know we had a blast at Metamorphosis! There will be readings available ($25 for 25 minutes) as well as healers and vendors.  Door prizes will be awarded throughout the day, along with a  grand prize drawing for an Aroma Touch Technique treatment ($50 value) given by Heather Lorah, at the end of the day.

We will be having lectures throughout the afternoon. (See list below) We are very excited to have Rick DeClemente speaking about his book “The Exquisite Zodiac”, which has been the #1 Astrology book on the Amazon Charts for over 4 months. He will be speaking at 2 PM.

All lectures are included in the price of admission. 

Nada Maibach will he doing an Ascended Masters Gallery Channeling at 5 PM. If you purchase tickets in advance, the cost will be $10. At the event $15.

Heather will be cooking again! Her food was incredible last time. She has put together a fall menu that will be hearty and delicious.

Admission: $5.00

Readers :

Santina Balestriere  – Psychic Intuitive
Rebecca Bloom       – Tarot
Stephanie Charles   – Akashic Records Consultations
Victoria Zaitz           – Psychic Intuitve
Marilyn Ferraro       – Crystal Readings
Nada Maibach         – Ascended Master Channeling & Animal Communication
Tina Marx               – Tarot
Patricia Mauro         – Palmistry
Paul Meidinger         – Psychic Intuitive
Debbie Pakler          – Psychic Medium
Suzie Thompson      – Aura Photography
Felicia Weinstein      – Spiritual Response Therapy
Rick Cempie            – Astrology
Access Consciousness Bars – Tracey Eisenman
Alchemy Energy Exchange – Paul Dalton
Shamanic Reiki – Judy “Red Hawk” Merritt
Reflexology – Mike Nester

Divine Scentsations – Debbie Rectenwald
DoTerra – Faye Silvor
Integrated Energy Therapy Empowerment Sessions – Ruth Krauss
Crystals, Jewelry and much more.

Butternut Squash Bisque Soup
Pumpkin Lentil Soup
Zucchini Linguine Marinara – vegetarian, gluten free Lasagne
Apple Crisp with vanilla ice cream
Brownie Sundae
Chai Tea, Coffee, Hot Cocoa and Tea

Lectures – All Lectures included with the cost of admission, except Ascended Master Channeling $15

I got a reading, now what do I do?  Felicia Weinstein  11:30 AM
You just received a very insightful reading, and a lot of information. Now you’re at home
and wondering – what do I do with this stuff? Felicia will give you tips and ways to
incorporate and use what your guides told you to further your journey on the right path.

The Grief Revolution: A Trailblazing Approach of Spiritually-Infused Psychology  with Debbie Pakler 12:30PM

Debbie Pakler, PhD, Pittsburgh’s well-known Psychic Medium/Psychotherapist, will present her new book, The Grief Revolution, which introduces a maverick new approach to grief treatment that will forever change the way you look at life, death, and the thin line between them. Grief is one of the most universal human experiences yet few of us know how to make our way through it.  The innovative methods that will be discussed combine traditional psychological concepts with new age spiritual practices to deliver a fresh, crisp, and comprehensive approach that addresses both the physical and metaphysical concerns involved in grieving.  As always, her presentation will be filled with information, good stories and lots of humor.

Her book, The Grief Revolution, and the accompanying Comfort Cards, will be available during the fair.

Overview of the Exquisite Zodiac with Rick DeClemente & co-author Liza Jane Brown  2 PM – 3:30 PM
What the book is all about. Number one rated astrology book on Amazon for 4 months, it speaks of 
WHY the signs are the way they are and how they are all connected. What does all of this mean for you? “The Exquisite Zodiac”, written with Liza Jane Brown, is a field guide to the archetypes of the zodiac, written for both the non-astrologer and the advanced practitioner. TEZ was favorably reviewed in the October/November 2013 issue of The Mountain Astrologer magazine. It has been heralded in many unsolicited reviews as an engaging, entertaining, educational and often-referred-to volume that can be carried in back pack or purse

Book Signing and Sales immediately following  3:30 PM – 4 PM

Winter Colds, Flues & Viruses  with Faye Silvor   4 PM – 5 PM
How to build immunity, ward off illness and  stay healthy through the
winter months, with the use of essential oils and a plant based medicine cabinet.

Ascended Master Gallery Channeling with Nada Maibach  5 PM – 6 PM, cost of $15.00

Nada will channel individual messages for each of you, in the group.  One person mayhear from Buddha, another from Kwan Yin or Archangel Micheal, possibly a fairy ora Dolphin named Quinox.  Whoever has a message for you will enter into Nada’s energyfield and speak through her.  The messages will be personal to you, however all messages will be applicable to the entire group.  Drink in the wisdom of the sages and feel the relevance of each message while feeling uplifted, supported and healed.




yogi-picnic-cartoonSunday, July 20 11 am to 6 pm

Metamorphisis Wellness Center
300 Cedar Hill Drive
McMurray, PA 15317

Get a reading, have a hotdog. Have a nice, cool lemonade while you’re getting a reflexology treatment. Attend a free lecture while enjoying some fresh juice. And, have an ice cream sundae (you deserve it)!

We are headed to the South Hills for our Summer Picnic Spirit Fair! McMurray to be exact.

It’s a beautiful new space called the Metamorphisis Wellness Center. It’s very close to Donaldson’s Crossroads. (Even I know where that is!)

And bring the kids, we’ll have activities for them as well. (Pinata, Water Balloon Tossing Contest, Hula Hooping Contest, Face Painting) and will have prizes and door prizes.

We wil have advance appointments available. Details to follow.

$5 Admission

Sessions are $25 for 25 Minutes


Stephanie Charles – Akashic Record Consultations
Debbie Pakler- Medium
Marilyn Ferraro – Crystal Readings & Healings
Patricia Mauro – Palmistry
Paul Meidinger – Psychic/Intuitive
Santina Balestreire – Psychic/Intuitive
Michael Elleth – Tarot
Angel Lozada – Tarot
Robin Freeman – Tarot
Felicia Weinstein – Spiritual Response Therapy & Life Coach
Nada Maibach – Ascended Master Channeling & Animal Communication
Suzie Thomson – Aura Photography
Vibrational Sound Healing with Gene & Luz
Foot Reflexology -Michael Nester


Marilyn Ferraro – Energy – Clearing & Protection
Ruth Krauss – Integrated Energy Therapy
Todd Foster – Essential Oils for the Summer
Tracy Eisenman – Benefits of Vision Boarding
Free IET Empowerment Sessions with Ruth Krauss

Menu -
Chicken & Pineapple Teriyaki on Croissant
Black Bean Burger
Hot Dog
Tomato Salad
Corn on the Cob
Ice Cream Sundaes

This schedule may be subject to change.