Share the Love Spirit Fest Sunday, February 8th

Our Share the Love Spirit Fest returns on February 8th. We will be at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Greentree. It’s a beautiful, remodeled space, plenty of parking and the people that run the place are really cool and can’t wait for the fun to begin! ┬áThere will be readings available ($25 for 25 minutes) as well as healers and vendors.

We will be having lectures throughout the afternoon, that information will be forthcoming.


Rebecca Bloom – Tarot
Victoria Zaitz – Intuitive
Paul Meidinger – Intuitive
Santina Balestraire – Intuitive
Patricia Mauro – Palmistry
Stephanie Charles – Akashic Record Consultations
Marilyn Ferraro – Crystal Readings
Felicia Weinstein – Spiritual Response Therapy
Rev. Rick Cempie – Astrology/Tarot/Psychic Medium


Ruth Krauss – Integrated Energy Therapy
Mike Nester – Reflexology
Gallina & Mike Tamburo – Crystal Resonance and Sound & Vibrational Healing
Judy “Red Hawk” Merritt – Shamanic Reiki
Cara Lasko – Chair Massage


Helene Milan-Spiral Books & Gifts
Melanie Widmer – Black Cat & Co. with jewelry
Rev. Tod Foster – DoTERRA
Wicked Wicc ‘N Candles – Essential Oil Soy candles
Doe’s Candy – Chocolates for the sweet tooth in you
Billie Dimmel – Stixs and Stones, crystals, jewelry, incense and more

Sessions are $25 and admission is $5